JICD Journal of Interdisciplinary Clinical Dentistry
The iACD Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Journal of Interdisciplinary Clinical Dentistry (JICD). A quarterly online publication. The journal’s primary goal is to advance the field of dentistry through curating content that is academically rigorous and of value to the international community of dental scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders.

The iACD Journal is committed to the following guiding principles:

  • Commitment to academic excellence.
  • Commitment to cultivate multidisciplinary approaches to dentistry; and
  • Commitment to maintain free and open access of all journal content and archives to all iACD members.

The inaugural issue of the iACD Journal will feature the works of dental scholars in Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish. As the capacity of the journal’s editorial board expands, articles written in other languages will be incorporated to make iACD Journal truly a publication for a global audience.

A Journal that Embraces Both East and West

The iACD Journal is born out of iACD’s vision to bring together the East and the West in the field of modern Dentistry. In recent decades, dentistry in non-Western countries such as China, Korea, and Japan have grown into a mature discipline with its own teaching faculties at renowned institutions. Asian-language academic journals have been established to enable dental scholars in the East to share their research among their peers. Unfortunately, this means scholarship of excellent caliber from both the East and the West do not often cross-pollinate aside from a few translated articles. And while exchanges of ideas can and do take place during academic conferences and symposiums, dialogues at such events tend to favor those who can communicate in English. The time is ripe for a truly mutual, East-West exchange of research findings within a single academic journal.
Please visit our journal website: http://jicd.co/index.php/e-journal