iACD Credentialing

We believe that an exceptional and progressive dentist not only focuses on dental treatments, but also understands the relationship between dental care and overall health. Current research shows that periodontal disease can cause detrimental effects to health by exacerbating pre-existing diabetes, heart disease, and allergies. Additionally, it has been shown that good oral health may decrease a patient’s risk for post-operative infection. Also, more research shows that the chewing function (occlusal contact area and occlusal force) have an influence on brain function activation.

Our mission at iACD is to provide a multidisciplinary oral health education platform for dentists with the desire to better the quality of life of their patients by improving both their oral care and their long-term physical health.

General Information for iACD Interdisciplinary Fellow Applicants

Pre-requisite: Active iACD member
iACD Interdisciplinary Fellow Requirements:
  1. Attended at least one (1) iACD annual symposium within the last two years.
  2. Have two (2) credentialing (certificate copy require) from another society recognized by the iACD credentialing committee (any credentialing certificate supported by international or local dental universities and dental associations)
  3. Oral Interview–Present two (2) Interdisciplinary cases (USA HIPAA Compliant) to the iACD local credentialing committee at local iACD meeting.

✷ Applicants without any credentialing will need to attend one basic Interdisciplinary Program.

✷ Submit your CV together with your credentialing certificates’ copy to register for your Oral Presentation Interview on line from your member login page, click the credentialing application and follow the instructions. The interview will be held at the iACD local affiliate annual meeting. The application must be submitted before the deadline. Please do not send your application by post mail.

✷ Your certificate will be presented to you at an iACD Annual Meeting.

Application fee: $600

Maintain the iACD Interdisciplinary Fellow status (every 5 years)

  1. All iACD Interdisciplinary Fellow must maintain their membership in good standing and must attend at least two (2) iACD sponsored or co-sponsored meetings in the past Five (5) years.
  2. Achieved one project of iACD community oral health services in the past Five (5) years (iACD schedules free dental work services every other year nationally and internationally, please visit our website for more information.

✷ Renewal certificate will be sent to your registration address or to receive at an iACD Local Meeting

Renewal fee: $150