General membership

Annual fee: $150

Open to any dentist, physician, or other basic scientist in dental medicine; includes dental technicians, nurses, auxiliary personnel, and technical representatives of manufacturing companies who have an interest in maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, prosthodontics, implant dentistry, and orthodontics.

Student membership

Annual fee: $50

This membership is for students or residents enrolled in a dental school, medical school, pre-doctoral or post-doctoral advanced education programs.

Laureate membership

Annual fee: $300

• Oral Physician:
This membership is open to active iACD members only. Time commitment for dental education service to the organization and significance of service to others will be the primary factors considered in the admission process.

• Dentistry Guardian:
This membership is by recommendation from iACD members and reviewed by members of iACD’s local or international Board annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to iACD and the field of oral health. Annual fee: $300

Affiliate membership

Annual fee: $1500

This membership is open to dues-paying entities such as manufacturers and professional firms. Each member may designate one or more representatives to participate in iACD-related events and programs on behalf of the entity.

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