iACD Free Dental Education Service

The medical profession is deeply rooted in the commitment to serve others. From first-year residents to retired academics, every dental practitioner and researcher is called to impart one's skills, knowledge, and time to advance the field of healing. This calling extends beyond the day-to-day busyness of filing insurance claims or navigating through the process of getting an article published. In one version of the Hippocratic Oath adopted by many of today's medical schools, those entering the field of medicine — in any area of specialization — are exhorted to remember that each of them remains "a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm."

iACD structures its programs and service opportunities around this core commitment of service to society. The driving force behind this posture of service stems from the belief that each individual, as a global citizen, should steward his or her knowledge and experience as "currency" that can generate even more knowledge and experience among those of limited resources. This approach goes beyond the traditional notion of charity and is fitting for the international nature of iACD's membership.

iACD strongly encourages our members to participate in one or more community service opportunities listed below to experience the joy of connecting with people living in under-served communities around the world.

Service Projects

Projects under development in Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China. Please check back in September 2017 for details!

Dental Training

The lack of top-quality dental care in under-served countries is not always due to the absence of dentists. Rather, local dentists in these locations often lack the necessary resources to enable them to thrive. They do not receive sufficient training, the latest medical equipment and technology, and ongoing support as part of a network of international dental professionals.

Each service project will dedicate a substantial portion of the trip to providing continuing education and hands-on training to local dentists. We believe equipping local dentists with new knowledge and skills to take their practice to the next level is the only effective way to improve the quality of dental care in a community for the long-term.

Time commitment: 3 to 5 days, depending on the project
Desired participants: Dental practitioners and educators. Previous experience in conducting professional development and/or developing training curriculum in the field of dentistry a plus. Depending on the trip, professionals in related fields such as medical equipment and technology may also be needed.

iACD Support

Every location that establishes a relationship with iACD through a service project becomes part of the larger iACD network. Dental professionals from partner locations will be able to forge relationships with colleagues in other countries and access ongoing resources and professional development opportunities. Volunteer services from iACD members are needed to ensure dentists in partner locations receive quality pre- and post-project support.

iACD members unable to go on a service project trip are invited to exercise their "giving back" to society from home. This can take many forms, including (but not limited to):

  • Individual members can give time or resources to support the planning of a service project.
  • Companies that are affiliate members can donate supplies and technological upgrades to support dental offices in partner locations.
  • Those with existing relationships with universities and government agencies within a project location can facilitate partnership formation for a project.

Additionally, iACD members who reside in a country that can benefit from having a service project team come to them can volunteer to be a location host and/or engage in project planning with a nearby iACD chapter's Community Service Committee. Whether taking part in community service with or without traveling, the possibilities are endless!

Time commitment: ongoing and as-needed
Desired participants: All iACD members